March was Rough. Can Anyone Relate?


March was a rough month. A million questions surged through my mind. Questions I dare not ask. I know better. Some questions have no answer. This I know. To wrestle is natural. But– I want to live above the natural. Life is more than what we can see with our two eyes. Or touch with our hands. Or feel with our hearts. This,…
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Building Healthy Relationships Podcast: Building Godly Character


Building Healthy Relationships: Part 1- Being Servant-Hearted. Building Healthy Relationships: Part 2- Be led by the Spirit, Not by your Emotions. Building Healthy Relationships: Part 3- Be intentional For You Tube Video Click Here April 21, 2002. My hands were sweaty. My knees- weak. My stomach in knots from the butterflies that kept bumping into each…
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