Mother’s Day Prayer for Children

I was recently asked by the staff at East Coast Christian Center to discuss the benefits of journaling and how I used journaling to help me as a tool in my relationship with the Lord. If you attended one of the services over Mother’s Day weekend, you received a journal and a CD with that discussion on it.

For those of you who did not receive a copy of that CD, I stated in short, that one of my favorite things to journal are my prayers over my children. On days when my children misbehave or I feel like the roof is caving in on me, it is such a blessing to go back to those prayers and be reminded of His promises to me. It is so reassuring to know that I have already addressed the important topics with the Lord from the time my children were toddlers;  that He has heard my cry and is working on my behalf to bring those promises to pass on behalf of my children.

Posted below is a copy of the prayer-confession I wrote years ago. My prayer is that you would be able to use my prayer as an outline to help you begin to speak God’s promises over your children, as well. If you have never done something like this before, be encouraged… Something powerful happens when you take the time to write out God’s promises to you and your children. When you write down- and speak out- the words God is speaking to you personally, it becomes alive. It takes root in your soul and from that seed great things are birthed.

I hope that you will take the time to read and glean from my words all that the Lord intends. Multiplied blessings to you and your families. Here it is…


Aspen, Jayce and Ty (put your children’s names here) are blessed in everything they do. They love righteousness and hate evil all the days of their lives. They see clearly into the will of God and heed the voice of the Holy Spirit always. They have wisdom to know the difference between right and wrong and make wise choices. They are not grumblers or complainers. Each of my children have an attitude of gratitude in all things. They serve the Lord from a young age and live a life wholly devoted to Him. They have wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Christ and understand the depths of His love for them. Their friends are strong Christians who bring them up, not tear them down. They have purity in heart and body all the days of their lives. My children marry the person God has reserved for them on this Earth. Each spouse is firmly devoted to the Lord, as well, and places Him first in all things. My children excel in school, in athletics, in friendships, and in the workplace. They understand and use self control in all things. They are not led by their emotions. My children walk in love and fulfill the call of God in their lives. They make right career moves and get the right schooling to be who God has called them to be. Aspen, Jayce and Ty know the vision of God for their lives. They are among the greatest followers of Christ of their generation and their legacy extends far beyond their lifespan and impacts generations to come. They exceed what Landon and I will ever do for the kingdom of God.

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Prayer for Children

  1. Pat Hutchins

    Thank you for sharing such a powerful prayer. My children are grown, but prayed it for them and my grandchildren.


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