light in the darkness

Look for the Light

2 Corinthians 4:6, “For it is the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness…”

Whether we recognize it or not, the Lord of the Universe commands light to shine in every place. Even the dark places. The ones we’d rather forget exist. Those places we try to run from. The hurt we try to numb. The anxiety we try to hide… He shines the light even there.

Truly, the light is present in every place. But when we close our eyes, we can not see it. When we harden our hearts, the light is shut out.

Then – life is dark.

The darkness is bleak.  It intrudes and reeks havoc. It crushes our plans,steals our dreams, and causes us to cry out in agony. The darkness reminds us of our weakness. Of our humanity. And our need for a Savior.

On the contrary – when we open our eyes, we are awakened to the light. The light encourages us to live life to the fullest. It creates life from death, bestows undeserving gifts, and births impossible dreams.  The light restores and refreshes. It hopes and anticipates. And reminds us that we were created for a purpose. One that only we can fulfill.

When we face obstacles in life that try to steal the light from us, we must remember this truth: It takes but a tiny touch of light to invade the darkness. 

The next time you feel burdened down, but sense a hint of faith rising in the darkness. Reach for it. When you hear a dash of encouragement in a strange place. Hold tight.  When a glimmer of hope emerges where once was none. Cling to it with all your might. Wrap your heart around that tiny touch and don’t let go. For in such moments, the light is unveiled and darkness is destroyed.

So I encourage you…

Awaken your senses.

Live life with your eyes wide open.

Soften your heart to the small expressions of the Lord’s glory.

Catch a glimpse of His heart.

And in doing so, discover a love like none other. A love that is ever-present in good times and bad. One that is true. Unconditional. Merciful. Gracious. Kind.

When darkness looms… Look for the Light.

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