Hope and Healing Through Hurting Times

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Hope and Healing Through Hurting Times

When we go through a trial in life, one of the biggest lies of the enemy  is to make us feel as though we are alone; that no one else struggles with similar challenges; and that we will never get though to the other side of our mess in victory. The truth is, however, that in life we all go through difficult seasons. We all struggle with unruly emotions at times, and with the right tools, we can make it to the other side victoriously.

Learning how to negotiate the emotions that come with being hurt or disappointed is key in finding healing. In this week’s podcast, my long-time friend, Tania Stout, shares how she overcame adversity when life didn’t turn out the way she expected. She shares with complete candor what it is to be vulnerable and how to grieve the loss of a dream in order to reach a place of total wholeness in mind, soul and body.

I believe, you too, will be inspired to work through your emotions to reach a place of wholeness as you listen this week. (We will return to Week 8 of the Battlefield of the Mind series next week.)

About Tania…

Tania Stout is a licensed Mental Health Counselor and graduated with her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Central Florida in 2006, and has been working with children and families for the past twelve years.  Tania specializes in the treatment of trauma and is an EMDR trained clinician.   Tania is highly skilled in working with individuals, couples and families and her areas of specialty also include: anxiety, depression, women’s emotional health, play therapy and child and adolescent behavior issues.  Tania has also had specific training in perinatal mood disorders and has worked with new mothers experiencing post-partum depression. She is also certified as a Supreme Court Family Mediator and has completed the parent coordination training.

Tania became a therapist to help people navigate life’s challenges in order to live a healthier, happier life.  She dedicates a focused commitment to her clients in providing the highest quality of care and believes people can change, heal, recover, grow and achieve maximum results in reaching their full potential and dreams.  She is characterized by others as a genuine and highly passionate therapist and has excelled in facilitating her clients in working through their past and current struggles in order to achieve new insights for optimum personal growth.

 For more information on Tania’s private counseling practice, please visit her at www.VeritasCounselingInc.com

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