He Hears.

Psalm 25:4, “Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths.”

I pray about everything. It is a part of who I am. Big things. Little things. And everything in between. I pray.

I pray. Because without guidance from My Heavenly Father, I would be lost. I know, because for years I didn’t pray much. I only considered the Lord when it was convenient for me. When I needed help. Like – when I had a really big decision to make, was in trouble or wanted protection as I drove home with drunk people. (I know it’s terrible. But it’s the truth.)

In all honesty, I hardly considered the Lord. I went my own way. And I ended up dissatisfied with my life. So I asked God for help. And help, he did.

I learned quickly that without prayer, I wander aimlessly. But when I pray, He shows me the way to go…

Towards the beginning of 2013, I began to notice some singing talent in my daughter Aspen. But, because I am musically void, I did not know if her voice was actually pretty or if I was just hearing beauty – from the heart of a mama. (If you’ve seen even one episode of American Idol, you know what I mean.)

I needed direction. So, I made this simple request to the Lord.

“Lord, I need help knowing what direction to encourage Aspen in. I don’t want to push her on a path that is not your plan for her. Direct my steps. And help me direct hers.”

In May, while playing at the beach, Aspen very nonchalantly mentioned, “Pastor Ray said I would lead worship from the stage one day. Did you tell him I wanted to lead worship, Mommy?”

“No, actually I haven’t told anyone.” I said. “Did you?”

“No,” she replied.

Later that week, I emailed my pastor and he confirmed. Yes. He had said those things.

Wow. The very prayer I whispered in my quiet time was being answered through someone who knew nothing of the situation. And – in an amazing way. I stood in awe of the Lord.

Then. As if that wasn’t enough. The Lord confirmed it again, last night.

A man I’d never seen before greeted me in the hall, handed me a Kari Jobe CD and said, “Your daughter has such a pure heart. She is going to lead worship one day. I see her as someone like – Kari Jobe.”

When I asked him what made him say such a thing, he simply stated, “The Lord told me.”

My eyes filled with tears. I didn’t think he was weird or crazy or anything else. I simply know it was confirmation -for the second time – on what direction I am to lead my daughter in. It was an answer to a prayer whispered in the quiet – Important to me. Important to God.

I haven’t told you these things to say what an amazing voice my daughter has. On the contrary, it still needs much refining.

My reason for sharing this story is simple – To remind you that we serve an amazing God. One who hears the heart of His children; Who answers the prayers we cry out in secret; And directs the steps of those who are humble enough to ask.

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