Harnessing Your Emotions

“Harnessing Your Emotions”

PODCAST: “Yes! You CAN Have Stable Emotions”

John 10:10, “The thief comes only in order to steal, kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows.)”

Are you overwhelmed with being overwhelmed? Tired of being anxious and wrought up all the time? Worried about your future? Regretful of your past? Sad? Mad at the world? Cranky? Tired? Or simply fed up?

The Word declares in John 10:10 that the thief seeks to destroy your life, but Lord came in order that you would enjoy it. Enjoying your life and having joy in your life until it overflows means having joy in every aspect of your life– including joy no matter what negative thing is happening in your life. Enjoying your life means having stability in your emotions, too.

Christ died to set you free from everything that keeps you from living the life He has called you to. If you have you been riding the rollercoaster of unruly emotions, Christ has already purchased your ticket off. Emotional stability is available to you today. But… It’s up to you to go after and pursue this life.

This series based on Andrew Wommack’s book, “Harnessing Your Emotions” will help you in this process. If you want to know more about how to walk in emotional stability, I encourage you to listen to the podcast above.

4 thoughts on “Harnessing Your Emotions

  1. June

    You do not disappoint!! Super job. I am loving the book but you bring it home, which is such a God given gift. You chose a great topic. I really think this is an issue we all deal with on one level or another. So great to harness our emotions by the Holy Spirit and walk in peace that passes understanding!

  2. admin

    I second that! Emotions are meant to be enjoyed, not to rule us and spin us out of control. Unfortunately, for a long time crazy emotions controlled me, rather than the other way around. So grateful I have learned the tools the Holy Spirit offers to those who are willing to listen and learn! God is so good!!!

  3. Florine Jones

    Hi after coming upon Dew Life… as I began to read A cloud the size of a mans hand my tears began to flow
    Being a widow it seems as though the loneliness at times is unbearable.
    Especially since I’m a born again christian who loves God with all of my heart. i am scheduled for surgery due to a valve replacement, my church hasn’t bothered to call me (I hate to say this but they only seem to communicate via E-mail, face-book and whatever other way to avoid physically talking to one one another My date is July 5th 2016
    Please pray for me

    1. admin

      Hi Florine,

      My heart breaks for you. I spent a lot of years being single before I met my husband. And though it is not exactly the same, I do understand- at least in part how you feel. My friends were all busy getting married and chasing kids, and I still hadn’t met my husband. It was definitely lonely and some of the most difficult days of my life. But what I didn’t realize in the middle of it was how great an opportunity I had to really get to know Jesus. I look back on those days and am amazed by how deep my love for Him grew. It was in the loneliness that I learned God’s character- especially that He is trustworthy. I pray that as you go through this time that you would learn in an even deeper way than you already know – of His trustworthiness; that even when others fail you, God will never let you down. I pray for peace like a river to overflow you concerning all things, including your upcoming surgery. I pray God’s divine protection over your body; that the surgeon would have skillful hands and divine wisdom. And I thank God for bringing you out completely whole. I thank God for healing your body and giving your soul rest as you go under anesthesia.

      I read your post yesterday afternoon and got sidetracked by an outbreak of lice in my kids (YUK!!). At 4am the Lord woke me up to pray for you. (and that rarely happens.) So… On behalf of your church, I apologize for them not reaching out to you. But know that God has not let you down. He had me praying for you in the middle of the night all the way down in Florida.

      I will continue to hold you up in prayer. And if you would like me to pray over the phone, please email me your phone number. I would be happy to call. My email is amybrandes@hotmail.com

      With much love,


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