Faith in Action

James 1:25, “…Being not hearers who forget, but doers who act – they will be blessed in their doing.”

One day life is normal. The next, completely different.

In reality, nothing has changed. Nothing, except our perception, that is. Suddenly, cold water is splashed in our face and our eyes are released to recognize something new. Something that has been there all along. But until that moment, we couldn’t see it.

One Saturday morning last fall I woke up to a whole new world of faith. It started with a dream. But this dream – was no ordinary dream. It was one that made me stop in my tracks.

In my sleep, an elderly gentleman was speaking the Word of God to a crowd sitting in a grassy field. At the end of his message, the group watched intently as the elderly gentleman’s body began to float through the air as if he were flying. Moments later, he drifted directly into a live power pole. Unscathed, the man continued floating through the air.

This gentleman, so full of the Word of God, was not subject to natural laws.

As my mind tried to consider this possibility, someone from the crowd looked me straight in the eye and boldly questioned, “What if the life you are living is really subnorm? What if… you are living below your design?”

My eyes shot open. The dream was over.

While I have always considered myself to be strong in the realm of faith, this dream made me question the degree to which I had been believing for years. “What if the life I am living is really subnorm? What if I am living and believing below the standard that the Lord designed me to live?”

Over the next few months, I set out on a mission. Not to only speak faith-filled words as I had for years, but to live – fully embracing and acting – on the truth of the Word of God that is not subject to natural laws.

But… What does this type of faith look like?

As I began asking the Lord how to practically apply action to my faith in everyday life, a small list of unanswered prayers came to mind. At the top of the list was a prayer I had prayed for Shawna, one of my best friends. Together, we had been standing in faith for her future husband for many, many years.

“Lord, what can I do for Shawna?” I asked.

Immediately, I had an idea. I would give her a pair of pajamas with the word, “BRIDE” striped across the front – as an act of faith – to show her that I was standing in 100% agreement with her and the word of God. (It does say, “If you delight yourself in the Lord, He will give you the desires of your heart,” you know. And delight in the Lord, she did.)

Last August, as I handed her the gift, I declared, “Shawna, you are a bride!”

Immediately, she embraced this truth and began wearing the pj’s to bed almost every night. As she brushed her teeth, staring at the word, “BRIDE” across her chest, she would declare, “I AM a BRIDE.”

On October 24th, just two month later, she met Joe, the man we had been praying years for. June 28th they will become husband and wife, less than one year from the day we put our faith into action.

Hmmm… Coincidence? After more than ten years? I think not.

Could it be that His children are believing for far less than the Lord has for us?

Could we actually be living below the standard the Lord intended for you and me?

What if we lived a life of faith in action?

What if this is what normal is supposed to look like?


In July 2015, Shawna and Joe welcomed Isabel Grace- another answered prayer!



9 thoughts on “Faith in Action

  1. Kathie Johnson

    Loved this testimony too…and am living it! Faith IN ACTION is what we are all called for! And you are doing it, Amen!

    1. admin

      Love living this way. So glad you are living it too! It makes the mundane, exciting. Love to see God’s faithfulness in big and little ways. Brings His love for His children to new heights in my eyes!

  2. Evelyn Miracle

    I love this story. We too, are so excited for this answer to prayer in Shawna’s life. There is so much truth in this–speaking who we are in Christ by faith.

    1. admin

      It is amazing the difference one small step of faith can make. One small step of faith can change the way we see ourselves, our situation, and our Lord.

  3. Debbie Brown

    Can I borrow those pajammas? lol! my heart leaps reaing this faith filled story, Amy Im so glad your story is in my lifetime.


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