Children of The King

Matthew 6:19, “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal…”

Two chairs over sat a young couple sipping margaritas and munching on chips and salsa. They looked perfectly put together. He had a perfect smile. She had perfectly colored hair. His pants were perfectly pressed. Her nails, perfectly French.

“Look at the size of the rock on her finger,” I said to my husband as we lounged by the pool.

“She may have a big diamond,” my husband replied, “but I am sure she is not near as happy as we are.”

I can always count on him to keep it real.

As I glanced around the Waldorf – Naples, where we were staying, I couldn’t help but wonder why anyone in the world would spend $300 to $700/night to stay at a hotel like this. Sure, the view was beautiful and the pool was heated. But for the most part it looked like any other hotel I’ve stayed in for half the price.

“So, how many of these people do you think earned a free hotel stay like us?” I asked my husband in jest.

“Umm… None,” he replied.

Sitting in the midst of such worldly riches made me reflect… How many people long for days like these? To rub elbows with the wealthy. To sip margaritas pool side. To reside in a large, lavish home or drive a Rolls Royce.

“If only I had… If only I could… If only I was…”

None of these things bring true happiness. It only takes one look into Hollywood to recognize this truth. Yet for some reason, riches such as these call our names. As if lounging by the pool at the Waldorf will bring value to who we are.

I don’t know the circumstances surrounding every person staying at the hotel this January afternoon. Maybe they are in debt up to their eyeballs. Maybe they saved for years to spend one weekend in luxury. Or maybe they have earthly riches beyond anything I will ever know.

I am certainly not suggesting you can’t be happy if you have an abundance of wealth or a flashy ring on your finger. But this I know… Having riches doesn’t buy happiness. Big diamonds don’t add one cent to a person’s worth. And value is a gift from God that every person was born with whether we recognize it or not. Simply because.

We are all… Children of The King.

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