Broken Escalators: How To Talk A Manly Man Into Circumcision

Chapter 4: How To Talk A Manly Man Into Circumcision
Mindi Griffin’s Healing Testimony

The year was 1998. The prayer was short and sweet: “Lord, give me joy that no one can take away.” When the words left my lips, I had no idea of the significance these ten words would carry. But… it wouldn’t be long before I collided with their effects head on. That year, 1998, will forever be marked as one of the most difficult years of my life. And, if I am being honest, 1999, 2000, and 2001 weren’t much better.

As a young woman of twenty three, life was supposed to be carefree and fun- at least that is what I imagined. I thoroughly expected the season after college graduation to greet me with excitement, adventure and a sloppy, wet kiss. However, instead of strong arms to hold me and whimsical friends to hang with, I landed in a bed of needles on the back side of the wilderness. While most of my friends were falling in love, getting married and making babies, I found myself in a completely different, and quite lonely, place.

To start the year, my world fell apart when the man I thought I would one day say “I do” to shattered my heart into a million pieces. Shortly thereafter, I moved away from everything familiar to me to start my career as a physical therapist in a new city. Then, as the year came to a close, the unthinkable happened… After twenty eight years of marriage, my parents divorced.

The life I once knew had become extinct.

It cut like a knife.

I found it hard to breathe.

But what met me on the other side of my misery, was a life I only dreamed about.

On the back side of the wilderness, the Lord taught me the secret to finding joy that lasts. It was in those lonely, dark and difficult times that God taught me how to have joy that is independent of my circumstances. On that bed of needles, the Lord- in His great mercy and love- answered my prayer for “joy that no one can take away.”

In this week’s podcast, you will discover the key to lasting joy as I share the intimate details of my journey to find true happiness. And… if you need a bit of encouragement in the realm of healing, you will LOVE Mindi’s testimony as well. I hope you will take a few minutes to tune in.

Psalm 16:11, “You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of JOY; At your right hand are pleasures forever more.”

6 thoughts on “Broken Escalators: How To Talk A Manly Man Into Circumcision

  1. June

    You knocked it out of the park!!! (Nice baseball reference)!!
    Truly you are setting captives free! I could hear walls crumbling and falling as sisters are being set free! I ordered the Smally book. Never hurts to be reminded where real sustainable joy comes from.

    1. admin

      June♥️… Love the baseball analogy. I hope you like the book. It is very basic, but such a sweet reminder. And when I read it the first time, it was a completely foreign concept to me. Such great truths that forever changed the course of my life. Love you!


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