Building Healthy Relationships Podcast: 6 Absolutes of Good Communication

Building Healthy Relationships: 6 Absolutes of Good Communication – Part 1

Building Healthy Relationships: 6 Absolutes of Good Communication – Part 2

One night as I was preparing for this “Building Healthy Relationship” series, my daughter, Aspen suggested that I should have a guest speaker share at the study. Curious, I asked her who she thought that  person ought to be. With her finger pointed toward herself, I wondered what she could possibly bring to the table in a discussion about building healthy relationships. So I asked her the question…

*****“What does a good relationship look like?”******

Her answer amazed me. So, as requested, here are 12 ingredients needed to have healthy relationships through the eyes of a ten year old- written word for word without any coaxing.

  1. You need to be able to say, “You’re right. I am wrong. I made a mistake.”
  2. You need to know that life isn’t always about you.
  3. You need to be able to keep your emotions in tact.
  4. You need to be selfless.
  5. When you aren’t agreeing on something, sometimes you need to let them have it their way and compromise.
  6. You should talk it out when you have a problem.
  7. You need to be nice and not focus on everything bad about them.
  8. You need to tell them good things about themselves.
  9. Whenever something is bothering the other person, you need to show them that you care by hugging them, kissing them and telling them good stuff about them.
  10. You need to go on dates and spend time together.
  11. You need to read the Bible and books about having good relationships.
  12. You need to say “thank you” when they do something for you.

Amazing how much we could benefit from putting these few bites of information into practice in our lives.

This week’s podcast focuses on the 6 Absolutes of Good Communication – six things we should never do/say if we want to have good relationships in our life. I hope you take a moment to listen in.

Please join us on Thursday mornings at 10am in the Avenue Worship Center of East Coast Christian Center in Merritt Island, Florida for the continuation of the “Building Healthy Relationships” series.

One thought on “Building Healthy Relationships Podcast: 6 Absolutes of Good Communication

  1. June

    God has made you wise beyond your years!
    You are speaking truth to this woman’s group and where there is God’s truth the work of the devil is undone and God can restore what the enemy has stolen.
    God bless you, Amy.


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