Broken Escalators: Moth Eating 101

Who Are Your Friends?

What if I told you that your current emotional state is more a product of who you hang out with than the circumstances of life? Whether you realize it or not, it’s the truth. The people we spend our time with influence us in many different ways- some in the right ways; others in wrong ways. Both the good and bad habits of the people we consistently hang around rub off on us – which is why it is so important that we choose our friends wisely.

Not convinced? Let me let you in on some interesting facts…

  1. Research indicates that we can significantly predict happiness, stress, memory loss, weight, life expectancy, and the odds of quitting smoking based on the quality and quantity of friends we have.
  2. One study found that your odds of exercising increase by 37% when you have a large number of friends.
  3. Studies show your chance of surviving cancer, stroke and heart disease doubles if you have supportive friends.
  4. People who go to church regularly are 22% less likely to be clinically depressed.
  5. Of all the circumstantial things that can affect your happiness, your friends are one of the top predictors- far more than income, location, or any position you hold.

Who your friends are matters. Who you allow entrance into your life matters. Who you ask advice from… Who you talk to about your everyday situations… And who you tell your problems to, will set your life in a direction. The question I want to ask you today is… What direction do you want to go? Are the people you have given entrance into your life helping you get to your destination?

In this week’s podcast based off chapter 7 of Peter Haas’ Book “Broken Escalators,” we will  be talking about friends and callings and how our friend’s can help confirm and fulfill our calling.

4 thoughts on “Broken Escalators: Moth Eating 101

  1. Mary

    I just stumbled over this and Im looking forward to watching it this evening with full attention. Im very thankful for online bible studies and pid casts because working until 6 pm prevents attending/ joining some of the events. T. Y.

    1. admin

      Hi Mary! So glad you stumbled upon this! It is a podcast only- so there is no video. But I pray it is just what you need for today! Many blessings!♥️


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