Psalm 33:12, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

“Emma said the hotels in Paris are not very nice,” my oldest daughter, Aspen, remarked as we cruised around town in the metallic blue mini-van I swore I’d never own.

“Well,” I responded. “The one I stayed at wasn’t near as nice as those we have in the United States, either. But it sure cost a lot of money,” I said.

“Why is that, Mommy?”

Being the “always looking for a teachable moment” mommy that I am, it didn’t take long for me to turn this run of the mill conversation into a learning experience.

Of course, I couldn’t recall the scripture reference off the top of my head, but I began explaining anyway.

“The reason America is such a blessed nation is simple. When the United States was formed, it was built on the principles of the Lord Jesus Christ. ‘In God We Trust’ was stamped on our money, the Ten Commandments were posted in our schools, and the flag that hangs over the capital building was designed to represent ‘One Nation Under God.’ Our founding fathers made the Lord top priority. Not only did they offer up prayer before meetings, but they actually sought the Lord for hours before making big decisions. The first Americans knew that without the intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ… The United States of America was destined to fail.”

“When the Revolutionary War began, the United States was scarcely a nation. According to all natural laws, with limited resources and an untrained military, we should have lost the war against Britain. But we didn’t. We won. And now, we are simply living out the fulfillment of the scripture and reaping the blessings ‘of a nation whose God is Lord.’”

As I was explaining these truths to my daughter, it dawned on me…

Americans today owe the blessings of our nation to the principles of Jesus Christ as administered by our forefathers of old. We are merely reaping the results of their seeds planted hundreds of years ago.

The United States of America is blessed beyond imagination because the Lord is our God. But the average American doesn’t even recognize a correlation between the two. Knowing this, I can’t help but wonder what America will look like in the future once Christ is taken out of our schools, off of our money and out of the pledge… If America looks like this now because of what they did years ago, what will America look like fifty years from now because of what we do today?

One thought on “Blessed

  1. Deborah Japp

    Amy, what a wonderful lesson to be able to teach your daughter!! I bet she will never forget those words and she will tell it to her children one day. I pray like you there will be a remnant that can turn America back to the message of II Cor. 7:14 “If my people…” The Lord knew this day would come and that we would need these words and he is so merciful to leave us with this profound call to our knees. Oh, why can’t the nation wake up and see while there is still time. God has been so merciful to us, so much more richly than we can possibly fathom. Thanks for reminding us of what our LORD intended for us and how blessed we have been.


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