Psalm 139:14, “I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

When my husband and I pulled into the driveway with our realtor that Wednesday morning, I couldn’t help but wonder why two elementary-aged children were playing outside on a school day.

At the time, many families from our church were choosing to forego the public school system and begin home schooling their children. So, before our daughter started kindergarten, my husband and I discussed the possibility. I spent months praying about where to send our children to school. In the end, we concluded, “Homeschooling may be the Christian thing to do. It’s just not the Christian thing for us to do.”

Now, pulling into the driveway, just six months into kindergarten, we were buying a house next to a home schooling mom. “Ahhhh!!!” I let out a shrill scream on the inside. “Lord, I hope you are not planning to move me here in order to get me homeschooling my children.

It didn’t happen.

Here’s why…

1. I have absolutely zero desire to home school my children. (And I personally believe that when you entrust your life to the Lord, He makes your heart line up with His plan.)

2. The thought of staying home with my children all day, every day, makes me cringe.

3. Even though I love my kids with everything I am, I need time away from them – to be me.

4. Have you ever tried taking four kids to the grocery store? Need I say more?

5. Remember #1…

To me, it would be ridiculous to try to take on something that I have absolutely no desire to do? Wouldn’t you agree? Yet with all of the reasons as to why home schooling is not right for me, I spent a fair amount of time contemplating if it was something I should do.

Why do we do that?

I thought peer pressure was something that only kids get caught up in? Why do we, as adults, feel a pressing need to please other people? To keep up with the Jones’? To do a certain thing just because somebody else is doing it? Why do we try to be someone (or do something) we are not?

The Lord created each of us in His image. Unique. Special. Beautiful. Wonderful. To serve His purpose in our very own, distinctive way. He created you… To Be You… The best you, you can be. So, if for you – that means home schooling your kids. Home school your kids. If for you – that means working outside the home. Work outside the home. If for you – it means being a stay-at-home mom. Be the best stay-at-home mom you can be.

In order to live out your potential, you can’t do what is right for someone else. You have got to do what is right for you!  (And if what was right for you then, isn’t right anymore. Then change it… Be You.)The Lord doesn’t want a carbon copy of someone else. He wants you. With all your quirks and idiosyncrasies. With your creativity and exuberance. Your successes and failures. He wants you…To Be You!

Stop trying to be someone you are not.

Write your own story.

No one can write it quite like you.

Be You.



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