A Light Affliction?

2 Corinthians 4:17, “For our light affliction, which is but for a moment…”

Torturous.  That is how it feels.  Every moment is painstaking.  And it happens most every night of the week.

From the instant I mention the word, my extremely talented, fun-loving seven year old son turns into a mini-monster.  He starts to grumble.  Tears fall from his big green eyes.  Pent up frustrations spew from his lips. He just wants to play.  He wants to run.  Ride his bike.  Throw a ball.  Watch t.v.  Anything to escape the arduous task…


The night is different, but the scenario is the same.   I have relived this episode night after night for three years now.  And, truth is, even with prayer— The situation itself, hasn’t changed all that much.

I hate to admit it, but second grade is hard for him. When I lay it all out there, first grade and kindergarten were no different.

It seems much harder than it ought to be. And I am tired of hard. I don’t want life to have such trying times.  I want it to be easy. I want to it be fun, all the time. I want it to run smoothly, without interruptions. Especially, the ones that repeat themselves over and over again.

The longer I live, however, the more I am reminded… Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes it is hard.  Sometimes there are interruptions I’d rather not deal with. Often, the interruptions last longer than I want them to. But, always.  When I gain the right perspective – The affliction is really rather light.

What, really, is a whiny kid in the midst of a lost and dying world?… If my son spells “they” – “thay” until he is twenty-five. Will it really matter?… If he never reads above grade-level, will his life be any less purposeful?… Is his potential to fulfill the Lord’s call limited by his standardized test score?


It really is a light affliction. And if I believe God’s Word, it is only for a moment.  Before I blink my eyes, these moments will be gone.  My small green-eyed boy will be a tall green-eyed man.  And so I will wish for such a light affliction, once again. Even, if for but a moment.


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