12 Ways To Simplify Your Life This Holiday Season.

For many, the realization that Christmas is just 24 days away will cause all kinds of stress to rise up inside. And while the season is meant to be a time where families reflect on the gift of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the reality is- often the days leading up to Christmas are anything but reflective. Instead of spending quality time together as family and friends, we often end up spending many hours stressing about the holidays, looking for the perfect gifts and spending way more money than we ought to- all in an effort to live up to someone else’s unrealistic expectation. Today, I want to give you permission to change things up a bit by SIMPLIFYING CHRISTMAS.

So, I have compiled a list of 12 Ways To Simplify Your Life This Holiday Season:

1- Minimize Christmas household decor. You don’t need to decorate your house extravagantly to have a great Christmas. In fact, feeling like you have to will likely only add stress to the season. A simple Christmas tree, lights and stockings are more than enough to add festivity to your home.

2- Don’t spend money you don’t have. Overspending for a moment causes added stress all year long. So talk to your family and set reasonable limits. It is better to deal with that stress than the stress of debt. And…Most of the things we buy for our families and kids at Christmas time get used for a brief time and then are forgotten anyway.

3- Spend money on memories over gifts. Your kids will remember special time they spent with you, not the gifts they received.

4- Plan your meals in advance. Bake what you can now and freeze it. While you can’t do this with everything, you can get a jumpstart on some things. I made my sweet potato casserole early for Thanksgiving. It kept beautifully and no one had a clue.

5- Keep yourself organized. Write a list of to-do’s and mark them off as you go. Start with the items that you can finish in 15 minutes or less and make those things a priority. You will feel a sense of accomplishment as you see line items disappear.

6- Wrap gifts as you purchase them. Then, correlate each gift with a number so that if for some reason you need to know what the gift is, you can do so without having to unwrap everything. Don’t leave wrapping gifts for Christmas Eve! Wrapping can be a joyful task if you plan properly.

7- Reassess your Holiday traditions. Is there something you are doing that no longer brings joy? Maybe for years sending Christmas cards was a treat, but with social media today, they have become a chore to you. If so, stop sending them. Do you feel obligated to attend a particular party or event? Exercise your right to change things up. Say no to traditions that cause you stress.

8- Exercise. Go for a morning or evening stroll. Take time to breathe in the crisp air and quiet your soul. Not only will it help you destress, but it will help you burn some of the extra calories you will be consuming this holiday season.

9- Reflect on past holidays. What triggers stress? Is there a certain person that drains your joy? Limit access to those types of people. Remember… You don’t have to answer the phone just because it rings. Maybe there is a certain topic that you and your family consistently argue about. If so, politely excuse yourself when the subject comes up or request up front that you avoid those topics altogether. You can and should exercise your right to set boundaries that will help maintain your peace.

10- Make quiet time for yourself every day. Turn your tv and phone off at 8pm. Spend time in the Word. Nothing brings peace more than time with Jesus. And… isn’t HE the reason for the season anyway?!

11- Get good sleep. Schedule your sleep times and make getting to bed in time a priority. Lack of sleep will automatically add stress.

12- Make a choice that no matter what goes wrong this Holiday season (because trust me, something will), that you are going to maintain your peace and not allow your emotions to have the final say.

Wishing you a peaceful and joy-filled Christmas season!

4 thoughts on “12 Ways To Simplify Your Life This Holiday Season.

  1. Stephanie Sprouse

    Great Tips Amy! Thanks for sharing!!! I already do some of these during the holidays, but plan to implement the others. As our children have become teenagers the tree is no longer important to them & a lot less work for me! They mostly like gift cards, which can easily be put under a Charlie Brown size mini tree. I live to set the nativity outside & inside on my mantle with lights all around it. Different season of life. I used to do a big tree & lots of decorations, but now the children are older. I used to cook a big meal & have family over, now that we don’t live near family, we invite church friends to the house for more of a potluck style meal. Everyone brings their favorite holiday dish. Worked beautifully for thanksgiving. Friends from church who didn’t have family here in FL either gathered at our home 18 total. Blessings, Stephanie

    1. admin

      Thank you Stephanie. It’s so wonderful that you have adjusted so quickly to the move. Way to not get in the rut of thinking, “it’s not supposed to be this way.” That mindset is so crippling. (I know from experience.) I love the way you have embraced the new. And… making church friends family for the holidays… well… that is being Jesus in the flesh! What a blessing you are. Love you friend! Thanks for sharing your ideas too!♥️

  2. Sharon Migala

    Great encouragement Amy! Keeping focus on what is important is definitely the way to have your best Christmas!


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