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Behind Every Great Man Stands A Great Woman.

Have you ever wondered how great people get to be great? I mean. Really. At what point do you go from just an ordinary somebody…. To someone really great?

Is the gift of greatness something that some are born with and others simply aren’t? Or is greatness something you can work at? And become.

Recently, I read a story about a man most of us know very well. He started out as an ordinary boy who played football in college. After graduating, he began a career in radio broadcasting. From there, he went on to work as an actor and film star before entering the military. But, it wasn’t until he entered into politics that this man really made his mark on the world. From 1967-1975, he worked as the governor of California. Then, in 1981, after two failed attempts, he was elected 40th President of the United States.

That ordinary boy grew into an extraordinary man. His name was Ronald Reagan.

Reading about President Reagan’s life, I couldn’t help but wonder, “What was it about this man that made him so great?”

Not knowing much about his early life, I assumed Ronald Reagan must have grown up in an affluent family. After all, he was a successful radio broadcaster, actor and politician. But when I looked into Reagan’s childhood, I discovered something far from affluent. In fact, Ronald Reagan was born into a rather poor family.  His father struggled as an alcoholic throughout his life. Yet, amazingly this man turned out to be someone great.

With an alcoholic for a father, I found this hard to believe…

Until I read about his mother… Nelle Reagan.

Nelle Reagan was a woman of great faith. She was an active member of her church, taught Sunday school and was devoted to prayer. From the time he was a boy, Reagan’s mother planted seeds of hope into his life through the Word of God. She repeated one specific phrase over her son’s life on an ongoing basis.

Nelle Reagan would say, “God has a plan for your life. There is purpose and worth to each and every life.”

I wonder who Ronald Reagan would have become without his mother’s influence? Knowing the path of his father, without her, I am convinced the story would not have ended the same.

Proverbs 15:23, “A man has joy by the answer of his mouth, And a word spoken in due season, how good it is!”

Great men and woman are not born. Indeed, they are made.

As a mother, your words of affirmation and hope have the power to change the course of your child’s life. Your words of praise and encouragement continuously repeated in your child’s ear will override every negative word or destructive situation your child finds himself in.

Whether they are four or forty four, the words we speak over our children’s’ lives are like fertilizer to the soul. They cause our children to grow into tall trees- with deep roots.

It is true what they say, “Behind every great man stands a great woman.” That  woman… is often “Mom.”

“Lord, I pray that every mother who reads this post would have a fresh revelation of both the creative and destructive power of her words. That she would be intentional in creating an environment around her children of hope, encouragement and praise. That each and every word spoken forth from her mouth would utter grace, life and peace. And that mother’s everywhere would have a deeper understanding of how to defeat darkness with the weapon of her words as they come into agreement with Yours. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”

Wear Me Down Long Enough, I Just Might Cave.

“Mommy, Can we go swimming?” my daughter asks.

“No. We are not swimming today. I need to finish staining the pool deck tonight,” I reply.

A few minutes later, my son chimes in. “Please. Please. Mommy, we really want to go swimming.”

For hours, I hear the same question repeated over and again from different, little voices. “Swimming? Please, Mommy. Please. Swimming? We want to go swimming. Please, Mommy. Please.”

I know what I need to do. I know what I need to say. The answer is the same as when I started. “No! Not today. I am going to stain the pool deck tonight.”  However, after being bombarded hour after hour, I am tempted to give in. To adjust my plans to accommodate the little voices who beg me.

Their goal—To wear me down until I finally cave.

Maybe you can relate.

Lately in life, I have had a number of discouraging voices attempting to wear me down, too. I am trying really hard to stand my ground and ignore them. But the truth is… Discouragement keeps tapping on the door of my heart. Every time I feel like I am making forward progress, I get knocked back down.

It is tempting to cave and accept defeat. To adjust my plans to accommodate the little voices speaking to me. To accept plan B and settle for something less than God’s best.

There is only one major problem with this thinking… I don’t want Plan B.

I want Plan A. And, I believe the Lord wants me to have it, too.

To keep me pressing forward, in times like these, I follow the example of the psalmist. Psalm 27:13, “I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

Call me foolish, but I actually believe, like the Psalmist, that I will see the Lord’s goodness in the days ahead.  I have His Word backing me up. The scripture explicitly says: I am more than a conqueror through Him who loves me (Romans 8:31). That I will triumph in victory in all things through Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 15:57). That He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that I can ask or think (Ephesians 3:20). And that if I refuse to quit, He will complete the good work He has begun in me (Philippians 1:6).

With all this knowledge, why would I settle for anything less than God’s Best?

Settling may seem like the easy way out. But, I assure you, it is not! I learned years ago that “Good” is often the thief of “God’s Best.”

Don’t get robbed of His promises by choosing to settle. Instead, stand your ground and wait patiently on Him. Then, watch Him perform His Best in your life.

I challenge you today to make a choice to believe God’s Word in whatever area you struggle with. To refuse to settle for second best.  And to determine in your heart that you will not give up until you see God’s promises come to pass in your life.

Where’s the Bar?

Trusting God is huge. And I am a super big faith advocate. But, as Christians, we can’t bury our head in the sand, do nothing, and expect to pray our troubles away. Sure, God calls us to believe. But He also calls us to act.  And sometimes taking action means making hard decisions. Then – implementing them.

Proverb 24:3-4, “Through wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established; By knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.”

Lately, the Lord has been whispering this verse to my heart. I hear it before I go to bed, when I wake up, and as I go about my daily routine. So, this afternoon, I decided to look the verse from Proverbs up in some other translations.

I love how the Living Bible reads. It says this: “Any enterprise is built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense, and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts.”

Clearly an enterprise (or business) becomes successful through wise planning, the use of common sense and studying the facts surrounding the venture.

Should my home life be any different?

I think not.

If I want the rooms in my home to be filled with precious and pleasant riches, I had better use wisdom in building my house. After all, the Lord gives wisdom to His children so we can build our homes effectively and live happy, healthy lives.

Unfortunately, oftentimes as Christians we get so into believing God to work out our problems for our good that we forget to use our God-given gift of wisdom to thwart the problem in the first place.

For example…

1- If you give your child free access to your computer, they will likely get involved in something they shouldn’t. (porn, cyber-bullying, etc.) Wisdom is intentional. It blocks their access to these types of sites and closely monitors their activities online.

2- If you don’t want your children (or anyone else) speaking disrespectfully to you, don’t speak that way to them. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Wisdom controls her tongue.

3- The friends you let your children hang around strongly influence their behavior. If you let them hang out with kids without character, chances are- they will stumble. Wisdom cuts off exposure to unhealthy friendships.

4- If you don’t enforce consequences for poor choices, your children are going to continue to make them. Wisdom disciplines and follows through with punishment.

5- If you don’t talk to your children about sex while they are young, someone will. And they likely won’t have the same values as you. Wisdom has an ongoing conversation with her children about sex, purity and the physical and emotional consequences of each.

In case you haven’t noticed, times have changed. The family unit is falling apart. Children are having babies. Teenagers are drinking and drugging. Young men are going on shooting rampages.

We have got to use wisdom to protect our children.

I don’t want my children becoming a statistic, so I draw a clear line for my kids and hold them to the highest standard. Because I have the God-given gift of wisdom at work in my life, I know full well that my children are going to test those lines and cross those boundaries. If my boundary line is low, when they cross it they are doomed for destruction. So I raise the bar for them, knowing that when they slip, though I might not like it, the consequences won’t be detrimental.

By wisdom my home is being built into one that, not only can I live with, but one I also love to live in.

How about you? Are you using wisdom in raising your children? Do you have a well-defined line for them? Is that line high enough that when they fall below it, you will be satisfied with the results?

It Didn’t End the Way I Thought It Would.

My heart is torn. My understanding – dim. The picture I see in the natural doesn’t match the one I envisioned in my heart.

Like a good daughter, heeding the wisdom of her Father, I stepped out in faith. That one step led to another.  And another. And another. With each step, came a certainty I was moving in the right direction. Every angle appeared to be falling into place exactly as I prayed.

It wasn’t a bed of roses, but deep inside me, I was confident…”This is His plan.”

Then it happened.

The rug was yanked from under me…. Or, maybe I pulled the plug… I am not really sure. All I know – is here I stand with a barrel of unanswered questions.

I wonder… Can you relate? Have you ever felt the Lord leading you in a certain direction, only to end up in a place far, far away?

Let me assure you, you are not alone. Today, I am standing inundated with questions, too.

My flesh is weak. It wants to fret, worry, and bring to the surface all the “what if’s.” It tries to convince me I don’t hear His voice at all. My mind begs for answers I may never know.

But —when I search the deepest part of me, my soul finds rest. While my flesh is in tears and confused, my spirit is bold and empowered. I have an immeasurable sense of peace my mind can’t comprehend. It is a peace that surpasses all my understanding. The kind only Christ can give.

In the midst of all the chaos, I hear His voice rising up on the inside of me. It is a voice I do know very well.  It speaks in unwavering truths and echoes far above all the other voices that vie for my attention.

Isaiah 30:21, “’Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it,’Whenever you turn to the right hand, Or whenever you turn to the left.”

His voice calms and reminds me…

“Amy, You have walked this path of unknowns before and have come out on the other side in victory. You have tasted My goodness and shared my cup.  

My plan for you is perfect. It will not fail. 

Cling to My Word. Listen to My instruction. When you don’t know which way to turn, My voice will be your guide. If you focus on what is going on around you, you will never hear My voice. You must turn off the clutter and come away with Me. Fix your eyes on Me, and remember what I say.

Trust Me with your life. I will not let you down or leave you helpless. I will fill you with My strength to bear what lies before you. Believe on Me. Hold fast to My Words and I will deliver you, like I have many times before.”

In this matter, the ending is still unwritten. But the choice for me is clear… I will listen to my spirit.

I will not allow fear to cripple me. I will trust in the God who has never let me down. I will trust His plan, even when it doesn’t make sense to me. I will trust His ways, even as I stand perplexed. I will trust His protection, even though my heart is vulnerable and exposed.

Right now. In this very moment. When I am left with a myriad of questions, I choose– to trust Him with it all.

Today, I invite you to trust Him too… Re-read the words above and replace my name with yours.  Then pray this prayer with me…

“Lord, I trust you with my life. I trust you with my future. I trust you to work out what I cannot fix. And make right what I don’t understand. I declare this very moment that henceforth, I will keep my eyes fixed upon you. I will not waver. I will trust in you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

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Choose Your Words, Change Your World.

I have a great marriage. I am not just saying it either. In the (almost) twelve years I have been married, I have raised my voice to my husband only once. If you think that is impressive, just wait. He has me beat. In all those years, Landon has never- not even once- yelled at me. I have never called him a jerk, or anything of the like.  I would never think of calling him (or anyone for that matter) a name with an asterisk in it.  And, I do not carry one ounce of resentment towards him for anything.

There is no other person on the face of the planet that I would rather spend forever with than him. And yes, I know you are supposed to say that about your spouse. But – I truly feel that way. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. There is no person I trust more. No person I respect more. No person that makes me laugh more. No person I love more than my husband.

So, how- after all these years- can I still say these things?

Let me start by saying this… It is not because I married the perfect man. Nor because he married the perfect woman.

We don’t live in Pleasantville. I don’t cook in a dress and heels. Our children spill milk at the dinner table and argue incessantly on some days. There is no money tree growing in our back yard… We are just like you- opinionated people with our own way of doing things. We get frustrated. We get upset. We (or at least- I) get my feelings hurt sometimes, too.

I attribute a large portion of the success we have experienced in our marriage to one important key: The effective use of life-giving words.

Proverbs 18:21 says, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

I can use my words for many things. Whether for good or bad, in time, I will reap the consequences of the words I choose to say (or those I don’t).

Daily, I choose to use my words to love my husband.  My love for him restrains me. It keeps me from yelling at him. It keeps me from calling him names. My desire to have a wonderful marriage fifty years from now reminds me to focus on the good in him. And to point it out to him –All the time.

I learned how to do this from one of the best.

My husband is a great affirmer. Through his words, he makes me feel like there is no sexier woman on the face of the earth. He tells me I am beautiful regularly.  He uses his words to encourage me to take on my dreams and to calm my fears. When I dread the monotony of daily life- cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, repeat- I hear his words of gratitude echo in my ear, and I feel appreciated.

My husband’s arms are a soft place to fall because his mouth exudes encouragement.

Sounds nice. Doesn’t it?

Well, it doesn’t have to just sound nice. It can be a reality in your life too.

Words are free. Your mouth can ooze encouragement. Your words can create life. You can change the atmosphere in your home, in your marriage, in your relationships, with your children- simply by being intentional in the words you use with them.

You can choose your words well and reap the results of bridled, life-giving tongue.

Don’t wait for someone else to start it. Today, I invite you to give it a try. Pick a person in your life. Write down ten nice things about them (or ways to encourage them, show appreciation, etc.) Then, spend the day showering them with encouragement. Repeat it day after day. And watch your relationship change before your very eyes.

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My Imperfect Faith.

I believe in miracles.

Not only do I believe in miracles, but I have witnessed them on multiple occasions. Through the years, I have seen the Lord heal multiple people in my family alone.

When I was a girl, God miraculously removed the warts that lined my leg. (Really- Warts on leg. Prayer. Warts gone.) My sister’s hearing was restored as a teen.  In 1999, my husband fractured his spine and was miraculously healed– without ever having any kind of surgery or pain meds.

I believe with all my heart that Christ desires to heal all of His children. It is written in His Word.

Psalm 103:3, “Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases.”  

Though I have personally experienced His healing power, I still wrestle with doubt sometimes. In fact, I am currently in one of those seasons.

My son has had the ‘itchies’ for about a month now. At first, I ignored him. (I know. Bad Mommy.) After two weeks, I decided I ought to take him to the doctor. Dr. K couldn’t give us a definitive diagnosis. Since he couldn’t rule it out, he gave us scabies cream.


Just the thought made me itch. For a week. (It’s amazing what talking about mites can do to you… Are you itching yet?) Just to be safe we applied the cream from head to toe. I washed the sheets, comforters, and pillows. Then I repeated the process a week later without success.

My son was still itching.

Since I know God wants him well, I decided I must need to put action to my faith. So, I declared my faith out loud.

“Lord, I believe your Word. I know you want Ty well. I truly believe it! I know you died to take away his sickness. I believe your Word! Thank you for healing Ty. Thank you for taking away his itchies. In Jesus’ name.”

All day, I declared his healing over and over again. Then, I took the cream and threw it in the trash – as a step of faith.

The rest of the afternoon, Ty cried and whined about how much he itched.

Finally, evening time came. I couldn’t take it anymore. I left the house to get Benadryl cream and pills (with my other children asking why I was going to the store if Ty was healed. Great example, huh?) Then, on arriving home, I did the unthinkable: I bent over the trash can in the garage and dug until I pulled the scabies cream out of the trash— just in case.

Errrr!!!! Why is my faith so imperfect?

I know you are expecting some great ending to this story. Like all of the sudden the house shook and the bumps were gone. Or I had a visitation by an angel in the night and the itchies simply disappeared.

There is no such ending. As I write this, it still hasn’t happened. And I don’t understand it… However, despite my weakness, I refuse to change my beliefs based on what I see.

I know what God’s Word says… “Who heals ALL your disease.”

At times, I am faithless. He is not.

I change. He remains the same.

I am weak. He is strong.

He is perfect. I am not.

One day, I will have perfect faith. But it won’t be until I cross to the other side of eternity. So for now, I am going to keep pressing on. I am going to keep using my imperfect faith. And entrust matters such as these to the One who is perfection.

Oh, and in case you are wondering…

I still believe God wants Ty well…

And, I still believe in miracles.

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Easy Friends.

I am so glad I don’t have touchy friends.

Do you know what I mean? Friends who are hard to get along with. Friends who get bent out of shape over nothing. Friends who make mountains out of molehills. Friends who take everything personally.

I need peace in my life.  Not drama.

I don’t need friends who turn some little disagreement into a week-long silent treatment or ones who give me the cold shoulder when I say the wrong thing. I don’t want friends who wear their hurt on their sleeve, but refuse to talk with me about it. Or friends who talk to others about something they should be discussing with me.

I want true friends. Ones who believe the best about me. The kind who are easy to get along with. Ones who pull me up higher and encourage me to be the best “me” I can be. I want friends who encourage me to dream big. Ones I can trust with my feelings – and my fears. I want friends who speak the truth to me in love.

And – I want to be that kind of friend, too.

I hate the thought of my friends to having to walk on egg-shells around me. I want people to be able to express how they are feeling to me without worrying about what I may say or do in retaliation. I long to be the type of person who receives correction with grace.

I want “easy” friends. And – just as much- I want to be an “easy” friend.

That may seem like an odd statement, but it is the truth. There is enough difficulty in the world without having difficult friends. There are enough hard-to-get-along with people in the world without pulling them into my circle.

I can’t choose the people I work with. I can’t select those I run into at the grocery store. I don’t have the luxury of hand picking the teachers my children have or the neighbors who live next door (not that any of them are bad. On the contrary, I love them all.)

But—I can choose my friends… So I am very careful with the people I give entrance into my life. Their influence helps shape who I am.  And who I will become. Today and tomorrow.

Paul says in 1 Corinthians 13:5, “It (love) is not touchy or fretful or resentful; it takes no account of the evil done to it (it pays no attention to a suffered wrong).

What a beautiful truth.

Love is not touchy.

Are you?

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Polar Bear Plunge

Have you ever heard of the Polar Bear Plunge? Well, a few years ago, I was faced with this challenge. My father-in-law (whose sole purpose in life is to get a good laugh:) promised fifty bucks to any of his children or their spouses who would take the plunge.

Before I agreed, I discussed the deal with my husband. With money tight, I wanted to be sure if I was going to jump, I would be able to spend the money how I wanted.  He agreed. So – that November afternoon in Missouri, as much as I hate cold water, this Florida girl dove into the frigid lake outside my mother and father-in-law’s home. In turn, my father-in-law lost a fifty, but gained a good laugh.

At the time, the idea of having fifty dollars to spend any way I wanted was a huge treat to me. However, each time I thought about where to spend the money, a family friend back home came to mind. I could think of no better way to ‘spend’ the money than to give it to someone who truly needed it.  So, rather than buy something for myself, I made a promise to the Lord to give the money to Justin; and for days, I was genuinely extremely excited to do so.

Have you ever had an idea like that? One where just the thought of doing something kind for someone brings a smile to your face? Where you can think of nothing more satisfying than to fill a need in someone else’s life?

Well, that is exactly how I felt that day, too.

The idea of blessing someone in need with this money sounded delightfully good. But as time passed, I began to have second thoughts. The closer I got to home, the more tightly I held on to the money in my heart.

The change that took place on the inside of me was something I had never experienced before. And it was drastic. I went from feeling over the moon about giving it, to almost sickened at just the thought.

Have you ever been there? You have a grand idea about giving something to help someone in need, but somehow, when faced with actually doing it, it isn’t near as easy as you expected? It started as joyful, and as time progressed, it became anything but?

All afternoon, I wrestled in my heart with giving this money to Justin. I wanted so much to have the joy I felt when I made the decision to give it, but – bottom line- I simply was not joyful about giving it anymore.

As I lie in the bathtub that evening with an unsettled heart, I whispered this prayer.

“Lord, help…”

I hadn’t even gotten all of the words out when I was flooded with an overwhelming joy about giving the money again.  While no one else could see it, I could physically feel the difference. The change in my heart was undeniable. And it happened instantaneously. There was no possible explanation for this infiltration of joy other than that, once again, the Lord of the Universe had heard my quiet prayer for “help”.

 2 Corinthians 3:5, “We know we are not able in ourselves to do any of this work. God makes us able to do these things.”

This moment served as a great reminder for me. All too often, we struggle through life trying to change ourselves and our circumstances in our own strength. We wrestle with emotions and desires that won’t go away- no matter how hard we try. We battle, fight and forge ahead in an effort to change something that cannot be changed with human hands…. Meanwhile, the Lord of the Universe is waiting to answer our cry for help. If we would simply take a moment to declare our dependency on the Lord Jesus Christ and ask, He would step in and do what we cannot do on our own.

Is there something in your life that you need to hand over to the Lord today? Are you struggling and striving to change something that only God can? Take a moment this morning to lay it down. He longs to help you this very hour- if you would only ask.

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When I Die.

Have you ever wondered what people will say about you when you’re dead and gone? I have… I do… I guess part of my curiosity stems from the fact that I have many relatives I know nothing about. People as close as my great grandparents. And I don’t even know their names.

When I die, will my great-grandchildren, know anything about me? Will they know my heart? Will they know what I stood for? And who I lived for?

I pray this is the case.

I pray that I live my life in such a way, that when I die, I have left a legacy for those I love. The ones who will carry my DNA for years and years to come… And for those who don’t know me at all.

When I die, I want to know that no matter how ugly the world was, I was a light in a dark place. That I did all I could to bring goodness, mercy, and love, to every person I ever made contact with. That in all things, at all times, I acted selflessly.

1 John 3:16, “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.”

Eight years ago, I watched a movie that depicted the meaning of true legacy. This movie had the single most impact of any I have ever seen. When it ended, I laid my head in my husband’s lap and sobbed a gut-wrenching cry from the depths of my inner-most being.

Watching this movie caused me to come up higher than I’d ever dreamed imaginable. It challenged me to closely examine my deepest desires. To see which ones fit into the truly important category. (Because quite frankly, I think we spend way too much time chasing things that don’t really matter much at all.)

Last night I watched it again.

The movie, “End of the Spear,” is a true story based on a group of American missionaries who were killed trying to bring the gospel to a violent jungle tribe in Ecuador. Though they had a gun, the missionaries refused to use it to defend themselves against a people who did not know Jesus at all. These men willingly laid down their own lives in hopes that one day, this tribe of unknowns, in the middle of nowhere, would come to know Christ.

At the onset, it appears these men lost their lives in vain.  But what follows is an amazing testimony of God’s incredible love and epic grace. The effects of these men and their families’ selfless devotion changed the destiny of countless generations of men and women.

I love how the Word carried out in the flesh does that.

When I die, I want to leave a legacy like that. One where even if people don’t know my name, they feel the effect of my life and love for others for generations and generations to come.

I pray that my desires match my words and actions.

How about you? When your time on Earth is over, what do you want people to say about you?

Do your desires match your words and actions?

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Dream Big.

I have a dream. It’s a BIG DREAM. A really, really BIG one.

The Lord planted this dream on the inside of me many years ago. Through the years it has grown and grown. In fact, it has become so rooted in me, that no matter what nay-sayers think, my dream can’t be stolen.

It may be whimsical to some. But to me, it is a reality that simply hasn’t happened yet.

Some people will think I am crazy. Others will say it’s too big. But I learned a long time ago to put what God says above what people say. So I am going to share it any way – holding nothing back.

My hope is that as I share my dream with you, it will inspire you to dream big too. And that you, too, will give voice to the dream that the Lord has placed on the inside of you.

After all, the Word says in Habakkuk 2:2, “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it.”

You ready? Here it is.

One day, I am going to speak to thousands of people at a time – on a consistent basis – about the love of Jesus Christ. Many are going to come to know Him, through my example. I am going to teach Christians how to live the life Christ died to give them… in churches, arenas, and tents all across the world.

I am going to be the best-selling author of, not just one book, but many books. I am going to write books on how to bring God’s promises to pass in your life and how to have a fulfilling marriage.  I am going to write books about choosing the right spouse and how to raise Godly children. I am going to write books on how to overcome an eating disorder, how to live a balanced life and how to not be ruled by your emotions…

A friend and I are going to start a Dream Center in Orlando, Florida with the royalties from the books I write. Broken people of all ages (abused children, women who are victims of sex trafficking, drug addicts, etc.) will be ministered to on a daily basis and shown the love of Christ. This Dream Center will be a place where physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met on an ongoing basis.

One day, I am going to be a guest on Focus on the Family and the Today Show. I am going to be the “Meet Amy Brandes” on Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer.  Not because I want to be famous or have my name known, but because I want to bring the name of Jesus Christ glory in every area of my life. Because I want people everywhere to know the Glory of the Most High. 

Fifty years from now, my marriage will be as good as it is today. My children and grandchildren will grow up to be all that God has called them to be. And I will enjoy every moment of this one life on Earth the Lord has given me…

I realize that by putting this out here like this, some may judge my motives. Let me assure you, I have spent years refining them. I am not telling you these things for me.

I am telling them for you…

To release you, to dream. And not just to dream small dreams… But to dream Big, Audacious Dreams. To pray Big, Audacious Prayers… And to trust in a BIG, Audacious God.

Because God calls His children to dream. He is the ultimate DREAM GIVER.

So, friends, I charge you…Be bold. Give your dream a voice. If not here, then somewhere.

Oh… and if you are willing to dream BIG and let the rest of us in on it, please, share your dreams below. I can’t wait to hear them.

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