The year was 1996. The place, Orlando, Florida. I had recently been accepted into the University of Central Florida- School of Physical Therapy. My best friend and I had rented a cute, little apartment not far from downtown. With a man by my side I thought I would one day marry, the life I’d imagined from childhood had finally arrived.

Life was good. I had everything a young woman could want for.

Yet somewhere not far beneath the surface of my skin, I ached for something more. Though I had achieved every goal I set out to accomplish in my young life, I knew something was missing. My heart held a gaping hole that refused to be filled no matter how much I accomplished. From the outside no one could see it. But, on the inside, I knew it existed- an unshakeable void that left me always wanting more.

Knowing instinctively that fame and fortune were not the key my happiness, I posed the question to my Maker. “Lord, I am missing something in my life. If someone was to come to me with this, I would tell them what they need is You. But Lord, I have You and I am still not happy. So God, I am asking you to show me what’s missing in my life.”

It wasn’t a particularly eloquent prayer. It never crossed my mind to talk to God with fancy words or to quote scriptures I didn’t know. The only way I knew to pray was to be real with God; to talk to Him like a friend.

And so I did.

At the time, I had no idea the tremendous impact a single conversation with God could have on a person’s life -or- that a seemingly insignificant prayer could radically change the direction of my life. Within weeks, I broke up with my boyfriend of more than three years. Prayer became a regular part of my life. I began reading the Bible, attending church and learning scripture. My thinking began to change, and so did the way I did life.

Slowly, but surely, the hole that wouldn’t go away was filled with the love of a Savior.

It was through this process- one that was both beautiful and painfully trying at times- that I was driven to the foot of the Cross. It was in the most difficult of times that I discovered the life I was created for.

Truly, the empty spot in me taught me the secret to living a fulfilled life: to Live On Purpose, for One Purpose.

And that is what this site is all about… Learning the secret to fulfillment that can only take place with Jesus in the driver’s seat; to love like Him; to see life and people through His eyes; to LIVE ON PURPOSE, to lean in to HIS PURPOSE. And to live the life you were created for.